Hobbies have always been my greatest source of fulfilment and my outlet for creative exploration. A study on the correlation between hobbies and job performance found that the less relevant a hobby is to the person’s profession, the greater the impact on workplace performance and work skills. Here’s a link to a great article on the benefit of having hobbies – Read more..


Music was always one of my deepest passions as far as I can remember, growing up with it as a kid. Jazz in particular was the style of music that I gravitated to. It forced you to stretch your musicial abilities through creative interpretation of the music rather than playing it note for note. Here’s a fascinating read on the benefits of music on the brain – Read more..


Heavily inspired by my years of working in Graphic and UI design I began to love photography. I shoot mainly while on vacation while attempting to take the viewer on a journey with me and actually experience the place like they were there. I explore how something ordinary can be viewed completely in a fresh light just by looking at it with a different perspective.


Leaders are readers! Reading saves you the troube from learning through experience. It forces you to think from outside of your own perspective. My love for books has been mostly non fiction especially on subjects that make your life more efficient and on practically anything related to human psychology and big picture thinking. I also have a vast treasure trove on articles related to Product Management / UX / Design and Technology that I save to my Pocket app that I hope to revisit again at some point.


I love trying out and testing new technologies as well as play with technologies that stretch my analytical as well as creative skills. My favourites programming framework for a long time was .NET and making hobby apps for myself. On the creative side my favourite software has been Logic Pro X for sound recording and audio mixing, Final cut pro for movie editing and story telling.