Rohan deSouza

Product Manager / Product Designer / User researcher
Business strategy

Lean canvas

SWOT analysis

Risk analysis

Trend analysis

Competitor analysis

User research



Journey mapping

Card sorting


Customer feedback

Design thinking

Lean UX

GV sprints


Impact mapping


Information architecture

Product design


Wireframing / Wireflows

High-def design

Journey mapping

User flows

Task flows

Technical knowledge

Front end development

Server side development

Database design

Mobile app development

I have experience with conceptualising, designing and managing products through their entire lifecycle. This has exposed me to multiple disciplines of a Product development spectrum.

I began my career as a UI designer before crossing over to develop apps, software and even a website CMS’. I became fascinated by usability as a discipline and learned as much as I could even taking up the role of a UX analyst. Some other disciplines that I have been exposed to include strategic analysis, marketing, SEO, BA, project management, usability analysis, customer experience and even sales. I have grown companies from their early stages through to maturity. 

My diverse experience allows me to empathise with professionals across vastly different disciplines. I enjoy a passionate conversation about the pros and cons of skeuomorphism versus flat design with a UI designer, discuss the advantages of React Native versus Native with a mobile app developer, chat about the ROI advantages of Google adwords versus Facebook with a digital marketer, discuss strategic vision with stakeholders and company leaders or have passionate discussions on the influence of cognitive biases on product design outcomes with a UX researcher.

Product innovation, design and management give me a home that allows me to explore all facets of my skills both creative and analytical at once. I constantly experiment with the latest methodologies to learn what methodologies deliver better outcomes.

My forte lies in my ability to see a big strategic vision as well as deliver and measure incrementally using solid agile methodology with an approach of focusing on outcomes over output. My multi-faceted experience enables me to lead the design of products and features using design thinking methodologies with a cross-functional team.

I’m deeply fascinated by what creates great products and raving fans. I enjoy digging deeper into human psychology and subconscious triggers and hook mechanisms to find a sweet spot that influences the usage and adoption of products.