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Aerodrums – A fresh approach to an old problem

When I doubled as working drummer in a past life, I was exposed to, but never really took to playing Electronic drum kits. I did enjoy the immense sonic possibilities electronic drums offered but I remained biased that they never quite matched up to real-world dynamics and the feel of an acoustic drum kit. There was some truth to that bias, Electronic drums have been largely shunned by most live drummers across most genres of music including popular, rock and jazz even while other stage musicians easily switched to their digital counterparts. The biggest problem that plagues Electronic drums is an attempt...

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Making the switch to an EV

If you take a cursory glance around a carpark these days, chances are, you will have noticed charging stations for EVs. Some carparks take the love for EVs a step further and even have designated spots for EVs. It’s obvious that a silent revolution has begun brewing around personal transportation in NZ and it just may be happening sooner than most had anticipated. There are now approximately 9000 EV drivers on NZ roads and this number is growing fast. The competition among EV makers itself has begun to heat up to a point where it probably won’t be an ‘if’ but...

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Begin with the customer

“Begin with the customer and work back to the technology” – Steve Jobs. These words immortalised by Steve Jobs was essentially what separated Apple’s strategy from most technology companies of its time. Yet trying to understand customers is what businesses shy away from, quite possibly with good reason. Humans are notoriously hard to personify and build accurate archetypes for. The interpretation of user research analysis tends to be  more an art than a hard science. To compound this problem, user research isn’t static either it changes all the time as customer usage patterns change all the time. Yet the effort...

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Blockchain – Revolution or hype?

Stories relating to Bitcoin have been dominating news feeds for quite a while now. With Bitcoin valuations touching an astronomical $10,000 a Bitcoin, early adopters have transformed into very public multi-millionaires. This has amped the rhetoric even further about Bitcoin becoming a highly desired investment option giving the technology publicity like few other technologies have had. A side effect from all that attention has been that the spotlight has now shifted on to the underlying technology that powers it – The blockchain. Blockchain evangelists have claimed the technology is as revolutionary as the internet itself! Companies have begun capitalising on...

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Is the pen mightier than the mouse?

At a product design presentation a few years ago, I remember listening to our UI designer as he went about articulating his high fidelity prototype design before it went to dev. It wasn’t long before we realised something didn’t seem quite right. The prototypes looked great, but when it was tested against use cases, simply couldn’t stack up against obvious pain points it was meant to solve. It got worse as the meeting progressed. As was expected in meetings of this nature, more prodding from different team members followed and there was little the UI designer could conjure to...

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